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Posted by Admin Thursday, November 5, 2009 37 comments

I was really just wondering if the plot is gonna be the same as the book because orginally they planned the films setting to be in switzrland near "CERN" a scientific place in the book that is somehow connected to the blackouts. The producer said it would be different but he cant change the whole plot.

Also its hard to tell if some of the blackouts are coming true because it seems people are trying to make it happen and others are not so are the people unintentionally making it happen why the future happens because I guessing if they saw the future that means the people in the future they saw would have known and saw it happening so they would be excited or acting strange like it was set up...also when the pelican hits that black guys office window in the flashforward do you think that could relate to the crows all dying and maybe it happens to other birds.... Very confusing plot but very interesting, except the first episode they crammed so many different plots from terrorism aliens dollhouses random people god and maybe it was fake they are moving the series so fast its hard to catch up but thats another reason it so addicting.

New theory from Huxtable
- Works on premise that everyone's flashforward will come true
- event is caused by a gov't/corporation physics acceleration experiment (Einstein/Physics/Timetravel)
- Benford's board is a setup. You can see him in anguish when he's going back over the board in his FF

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