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Discussion points from Kali

Posted by Admin Thursday, November 5, 2009 37 comments

I was really just wondering if the plot is gonna be the same as the book because orginally they planned the films setting to be in switzrland near "CERN" a scientific place in the book that is somehow connected to the blackouts. The producer said it would be different but he cant change the whole plot.

Also its hard to tell if some of the blackouts are coming true because it seems people are trying to make it happen and others are not so are the people unintentionally making it happen why the future happens because I guessing if they saw the future that means the people in the future they saw would have known and saw it happening so they would be excited or acting strange like it was set up...also when the pelican hits that black guys office window in the flashforward do you think that could relate to the crows all dying and maybe it happens to other birds.... Very confusing plot but very interesting, except the first episode they crammed so many different plots from terrorism aliens dollhouses random people god and maybe it was fake they are moving the series so fast its hard to catch up but thats another reason it so addicting.

New theory from Huxtable
- Works on premise that everyone's flashforward will come true
- event is caused by a gov't/corporation physics acceleration experiment (Einstein/Physics/Timetravel)
- Benford's board is a setup. You can see him in anguish when he's going back over the board in his FF

Theory - Are we seeing the past?

Posted by Admin Thursday, October 15, 2009 0 comments

New theory by: Krill

So far most of the characters seem to have a self fulfilling prophecy apart from the ones who have had a blackout (unless they figured out that it probably means they die soon).

For example: Mark can see a wall of notes in his mind so writes the things down on his board so that he can try and see a pattern. These lead the investigation further along and allow him to put more pieces of the jigsaw onto his board. He is trying to figure this out as he has a love for his job but he is also trying to stop the bad parts from happening.

His wife doesn’t want to break up her marriage but now that she has found out who her new lover is she can’t help thinking about it more and more. This will probably drive some distance between her and Mark, along with Marks obsession to find out the truth.

As Mark begins to worry about his relationship and the stress of the job he might go down the drinking road again which because he didn’t tell his wife he started drinking again doesn’t prepare her for it and may maker her want to leave him for another man.

Could it be that the future will happen and there is not much you can do about it to change your own fate? However, episode 3 suggests that there will come a point in time where you can affect the outcome of a Flashforward.
Demetri goes to see the “to be” customs guy knowing the details of the Nazi’s Flashforward. He confirms that both of them saw each other and as he is leaving he knocks over a bong of drugs. I think he then realises that he could actually report it which would stop the guys application and therefore he would not see the Nazi. It suggests that he lets the guy off but makes a note of the fact that he had a choice to affect the Flashforward.

The future could happen because you are trying to change things for the better or worse depending on your vision. However it seems likely that you can change the future if you make whatever you think will happen highly unlikely.
For example say you see yourself winning the 100m sprint in a sports event in 6 months time. Then you could purposely break your legs 1 week before the event therefore making it impossible for you to win the 100m sprint.
Mark could burn down the FBI building he saw himself in. His wife could kill her new lover.

What if the future has already happened and what we are watching is the past. Someone has invented a time travelling device and every time they use it to go back in time everyone suffers a blackout and sees the future of where they are...

Theory - "What does 137 mean"

Posted by Admin Tuesday, October 13, 2009 0 comments

New theory from Tony.

My studies indicate 137 points to the message of the hour. 137 is gematria for the Hebrew phrases "Elohi Amen," the "God of Truth," "like the Angel of the Lord," and in Greek, "the seventh." It is the sum of 100 for the elect and 37 which is recognized as signifying the oracle of the Lord or spoken Word.
In science 137 is a mysterious constant associated with elotromagnetic energy and is called alpha. 137 is the alpha to science and the Elohi Amen or omega to the Hebrews. Alpha and the omega, the oracle of God or Word of the hour.

New Theory

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New Theory from Andrew.

A lot of people are suggesting that A) The future's people saw might not be written in stone, and B) The visions probably don't take into account that they saw these visions.

That's just not true though. The FBI agent saw himself working on a case about the visions. That means that the visions take into account that the participants have seen the visions, and if that's true then they would also take into account any actions people might have taken to stop their visions from coming true. This means that history will play out like people have seen. Nothing can change, or else they would have seen things as different.

New Theory

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New theory from Jeremy.

My theory goes against most of the others posted, though from a slightly different angle… The Flash Forward has shown actions which are due to happen in the future, i.e. the mosaic. Without the flash forward, the mosaic wouldn’t have a reason for existence without the events happening in the first place. The Flash Forward triggered the starting of the investigations, opposed to a natural occurrence which would have formed the “future” everyone has seen during their visions. This leads me to believe this is more an experiment to transform/alter the future being controlled by something or someone externally by “planting” what people have seen. I don’t think this will be the only ‘flash’ either, there are more to come.

New Theory - From Cian

Posted by Admin Thursday, October 8, 2009 1 comments

I think Janis might be carrying Demetri's baby in her flash forward. She said in the pilot that it's crazy, she doesn't have a boyfriend or any prospects. Also she seems to just work from what we've seen, including long long hours, so would make sense if it's somebody from work.

I reckon Demetri breaks up with his fiancee (Zoe?) over his predicted death, he's said he doesn't want to tell her his non flash forward. And maybe he's always wanted a baby girl? Janis said in the new episode that she's never been broody or felt like she should have a baby. Maybe they either fall for each other, or she just wants to have his kid as a friendly agreement or something.

This would also explain the obvious emotion and tears she had when the sonarologist (or whatever they're called) told her it was a girl. There's definitely significance to that news.

Theory About Demetri

Posted by Admin Friday, September 25, 2009 12 comments

The first submitted theory comes from 'RussDole'.

Why do you think Demetri (John Cho's character)was out of the car when Mark first exited the vehicle? He seemed to be pretty far away and very together for having just gotten into an accident. Perhaps he wasn't affected by the blackout, which would explain his not having a vision. Maybe he was like that baseball stadium guy and awake the whole time.
Do you guys agree or disagree? If you have a theory of your own send it in.

Submitting Theories

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