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Theory About Demetri

Posted by Admin Friday, September 25, 2009

The first submitted theory comes from 'RussDole'.

Why do you think Demetri (John Cho's character)was out of the car when Mark first exited the vehicle? He seemed to be pretty far away and very together for having just gotten into an accident. Perhaps he wasn't affected by the blackout, which would explain his not having a vision. Maybe he was like that baseball stadium guy and awake the whole time.
Do you guys agree or disagree? If you have a theory of your own send it in.


  1. Andrew Says:
  2. As for Demetri I've narrowed down what happened into 3 possibilities. 1: he passed out and had a vision but is lying about it to cover up for something he saw. 2: he passed out and didn't see anything meaning that he is dead in 6 months. 3: he didn't pass out and is somehow involved in or has information about what happened and why it happened. I have no idea which one the possibilities it is, but I can't wait to find out

  3. Andrew Says:
  4. I think he either crawled out of the car himself if he was awake or he got thrown out of the car through the back window

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. I have this one theory that Dimitri saw himself as one of the masked men pointing a gun at Mark... kind of a stretch but...

  7. Pastor WJC Says:
  8. I agree with jlynn12273. I think Demitri is one of "the walkers" - I don't think he was thrown from the car all the way to the other side of the bridge. He seems to be intent on derailing the process of the Mosaic investigation, he throws a wrench in, every chance he gets.

    He's also real steamed at the blonde girl they captured from the black SUV.

    Does Demitri ever wear a short sleeved shirt?

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. GREAT observation! that was one of many things that was bugging me since the first episode. if demetri was alive and well (although scratched up) BEFORE mark was, why didn't he stay behind and at least get mark's body out of the car.

    ahaha i like how people are calling the awake ones "walkers"

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. I think he just may not KNOW what his role is... and being an FBI agent, he knows he could be taken, tested, held without cause, etc.... so keeps this info close to his chest. Not daring to tell anyone, or know who to trust just yet....

    Maybe he was awake, and disoriented. OR - what if a few people were transported (for lack of a better word) to somewhere else... now with sci-fi this could be anywhere, anytime, I dare not be silly enough to guess, but somewhere else and just doesn't remember. Then at the right time, he will remember what he needs to. I know that John Cho has said he really hopes his character is not "in on it".

    As for his "Death": could be a few things to me... ok, so his fiance said she saw him on the beach, this could be him as there is one theory floating around that the FBI faked his death in order to keep with what that foreign woman remembers in her Flash Forward to draw out the bad guys.

    I also have another thought that there could be *sigh* clones of some sort... that the blackout was used to get various dna, create havoc, chaos, and that whole they know more than we do...not too sure. But that he is cloned, or something...hence his memory loss, cause he really is murdered, the woman who read the brief, it's a brief about the "new" people posing as other people. IDK as I said, with sci-fi you never know... it'll be a great twist I am sure!

    haha Maybe it's as simple as some people were just impervious to the visions and didn't get them but DID in fact pass out. Maybe these people are special...

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. Oh and I totally thought, on first instinct, that the blonde girl from the suv and Dimitri knew something everyone else did... he was pretty peeved and kept her pretty close and under his watch at first... maybe to talk, get stories straight? Could they actually be part of each others Flash Forwards? I have a feeling maybe he wasn't to worried about being dead but acted that way for Mark and the gang... then when secret agent chick called his phone and said he'd be murdered... he freaked out... his demeanor certainly seemed a bit different in this last episode.

    And I apologize for the lengthy posts... my brain is working on overdrive and little sleep here :)

  15. chris Says:
  16. Dmitri was planted years ago by the Mosaic Project, and Mark is not the key figure- in fact, in Mark's flash forward he is trying to reset time to the time of the original blackout so he can prevent the end of "good days". The reason people are having flash forwards is because they are actually remembering what happened right before human consciousness, the planet earth, or perhaps the entire universe was knocked back 2:17. And regarding Dmitri's "death"- I agree with my brother, his fiance was on the beach spreading his ashes.

    The weird sky at the end of this weeks' episode, along with the "murder of crows", lets us know that there is definitely something scientific that happens- the novel tells of a Hadron collider mishap, a good, plausible explanation for strange events. Maybe a bending, warping, or even doubling back of time, localized to the earth region, could possibly explain the resetting time. As for the "walkers"'s all in the DNA, my friends...which is why Dmitri was chosen years ago for this mission.

    Of course, this could all be waaaaaay off track, but it would make a nice concept for a series ;)

    My only complaints about the show- 1 make the characters more likeable and flesh them out(easy to do using dialog, we don't need to see their entire life stories) and 2 hide weekly plot points-we don't need to be spoon-fed hints about each episode, we can figure it out with less clues and more mystery. Overall, the series gets a B+ from me, and the fact that it is written and produced by a comic book writer (David Goyer)makes it all the more impressive.

  17. John Tanaka Says:
  18. I like the postulations so far but it seems like everyone is forgetting something. Shohreh Aghdashloo's character states that she read a report that Demetri was murdered on March 15 (Ides of March). That's 45 days before the date of the visions. In his fiancé's flashfoward, she assumes she sees Demetri but really doesn't.

    Though this isn’t a theory I find the choice of names interesting: Demetri Noh. Demetri is a variation of Demetrius, whose etymology is “follower of the goddess Demeter.” In Greek mythology, Demeter controlled the seasons and her moods (change of season) coincided with the freeing of her daughter, Persephone, from Hades (hell). Noh in Korean means river (Styx?) His fiancé's name Zoey (Greek) Andata (Italian) can loosely be translated as "living journey."

  19. chris Says:
  20. Noh (能, Nō), or Nōgaku (能楽) is a major form of classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th century.

    Keep that in mind as well.

  21. John Tanaka Says:
  22. Noh need to keep in mind Chris-san, ha-ha. Seriously, my parents dragged me to Noh play when I was a kid. To this day I do not like it but it did help me to appreciate Shakespeare, which I absolutely love.

    Regarding Noh and how it might relate to Flashforward: If we're going that route then we'd need to look at the Zen thought of ichigo, ichie. Closest translation is "one opportunity, one encounter." It has a heavy presence in Japanese Tea Ceremony but it's well known to the Japanese general public.

    Noh actors do not rehearse with each other, so no two plays are alike given the slight differences each actor makes during a live performance. Each actor in essence reacts to their fellow actor. Given that, the actors can't dwell on the slight changes but instead feed off of it. It's going with the flow and is the basic principal of ichigo, ichie.

    In the most simplest terms it means to appreciate the "now." Don't dwell on what happened in the past and don't worry about the future. The only character who seems to embrace ichigo, ichie is Dr. Varley. However, I digress since I do not believe the spiritual guidance for Noh plays is a factor in Flashforward. It did however give me pause and it's quite interesting that you brought it up. If you feel I'm mistaken about how you see it, I'd be very interested in hearing it.

  23. Well any one notice that he says that he is a weak drinker and in college him and Special Agent Janis Hawk got drunk. He mentions how he had a lower tolerance than her. Solution points to = he's drunk and passed out and actually isnt dead. Now the whole french lady telling him he's dead is bull


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