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Theory - Are we seeing the past?

Posted by Admin Thursday, October 15, 2009

New theory by: Krill

So far most of the characters seem to have a self fulfilling prophecy apart from the ones who have had a blackout (unless they figured out that it probably means they die soon).

For example: Mark can see a wall of notes in his mind so writes the things down on his board so that he can try and see a pattern. These lead the investigation further along and allow him to put more pieces of the jigsaw onto his board. He is trying to figure this out as he has a love for his job but he is also trying to stop the bad parts from happening.

His wife doesn’t want to break up her marriage but now that she has found out who her new lover is she can’t help thinking about it more and more. This will probably drive some distance between her and Mark, along with Marks obsession to find out the truth.

As Mark begins to worry about his relationship and the stress of the job he might go down the drinking road again which because he didn’t tell his wife he started drinking again doesn’t prepare her for it and may maker her want to leave him for another man.

Could it be that the future will happen and there is not much you can do about it to change your own fate? However, episode 3 suggests that there will come a point in time where you can affect the outcome of a Flashforward.
Demetri goes to see the “to be” customs guy knowing the details of the Nazi’s Flashforward. He confirms that both of them saw each other and as he is leaving he knocks over a bong of drugs. I think he then realises that he could actually report it which would stop the guys application and therefore he would not see the Nazi. It suggests that he lets the guy off but makes a note of the fact that he had a choice to affect the Flashforward.

The future could happen because you are trying to change things for the better or worse depending on your vision. However it seems likely that you can change the future if you make whatever you think will happen highly unlikely.
For example say you see yourself winning the 100m sprint in a sports event in 6 months time. Then you could purposely break your legs 1 week before the event therefore making it impossible for you to win the 100m sprint.
Mark could burn down the FBI building he saw himself in. His wife could kill her new lover.

What if the future has already happened and what we are watching is the past. Someone has invented a time travelling device and every time they use it to go back in time everyone suffers a blackout and sees the future of where they are...


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