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New Theory - From Cian

Posted by Admin Thursday, October 8, 2009

I think Janis might be carrying Demetri's baby in her flash forward. She said in the pilot that it's crazy, she doesn't have a boyfriend or any prospects. Also she seems to just work from what we've seen, including long long hours, so would make sense if it's somebody from work.

I reckon Demetri breaks up with his fiancee (Zoe?) over his predicted death, he's said he doesn't want to tell her his non flash forward. And maybe he's always wanted a baby girl? Janis said in the new episode that she's never been broody or felt like she should have a baby. Maybe they either fall for each other, or she just wants to have his kid as a friendly agreement or something.

This would also explain the obvious emotion and tears she had when the sonarologist (or whatever they're called) told her it was a girl. There's definitely significance to that news.

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  1. John Tanaka Says:
  2. That is interesting Cian. The Nazi seemed to hint or "out" Janis as a lesbian. She claims she doesn't even have a boyfriend so if there is no father in the picture, Demetri seems to be a possible suitor.


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